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Moho Chocolate

Roni-Sue is one of four partners in MOHO Chocolate Company, source of our 60% direct-trade dark chocolate made bean to bar in Belize, using rain forest grown organic cacao. MOHO Chocolate Factory & Café is located in Belize City's Fort Street Tourism Village where cruise ship passengers and other visitors can watch us make our chocolate on site.

We usually have a small selection of MOHO Chocolate bars available for sale at Roni-Sue's. Please call (212) 677-1216 for current stock. Thanks!

Moho Chocolate Company, Belize CA

Cacao Pods

Cacao Pods

Eladio at his family farm

Eladio at his family farm


Roni-Sue began exploring her most important ingredient more deeply a few years ago in the Toledo District of Southern Belize. Tasting raw cacao fruit right from the pod during visits to jungle cacao ‘farms’ was a revelation for Roni-Sue and a testament to the organic & sustainable [a.k.a. natural!] farming methods the Mayan farmers have practiced for decades.

Fast forward a couple of years and Roni-Sue became a partner in Belize based MOHO Chocolate Company where our 60% dark chocolate is made by local artisans using organic Mayan cacao.  Not only is our direct-trade, single origin chocolate from Belize delicious, it’s a socially responsible choice too—so you can indulge and enjoy with a clear conscience! 

Are you already in love with MOHO Chocolate from Belize??  Many folks have taken a cruise to Belize and are looking to enjoy the delicious earthy, fruity flavor of our chocolate again now that they’ve returned to the US.  While we don’t have regular distribution in the US we sometimes have bars available for sale at Roni-Sue’s when one of the MOHO partners returns from a visit to the factory.  Please call or email us for availability.   

Or, even better – why not try some delicious dark chocolate truffles made with our own direct-trade 60% dark chocolate?  We make this special blend at the MOHO Chocolate factory in Belize City using the same organic Mayan cacao beans grown in the rainforests of southern Belize.  The unique flavor lends itself beautifully to our truffle and confectionery work.  Try a selection today!

MOHO Chocolate Company has its roots in the jungles of Belize, along the MOHO River Valley—where the delicious organic cacao beans are grown. In a better than direct-trade model, local farmers sell their ‘wet seed’ cacao fruit to our partners at Maya Mountain Cacao where the beans are fermented and dried under controlled conditions, resulting in a superior product and eliminating the risk of crop loss for farmers. 

This direct trade model also benefits farmers’ families – the extra income their father receives from selling his beans to Maya Mountain Cacao allows the family to send all their children to school. These children’s futures stand in stark contrast to the children of the Ivory Coast in Africa, many of whom are trafficked to work as child slaves on the large cacao farms that supply most of the cocoa beans used by the world’s major chocolate manufacturers.