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Best Hot Chocolate

The 10 Best Hot Chocolates in NYC

By Zachary Feldman Tue., Dec. 10 2013 at 10:00 AM



Roni-Sue Chocolates

1. Roni-Sue Chocolates, 148 Forsyth Street; 212-677-1216

Chocolate-covered 'Pig Candy' might be the hot ticket item at Rhonda Kave's inventive chocolate shop, but her hot chocolate is an undeniable seasonal must. Built on the backbone of organic Belizean beans harvested in the Moho River Valley, the beverage hits the palate with a mild sweetness, which gives way to deep cocoa notes, slightly fruity from registering at 60 percent cocoa content. The chocolate is melted and whisked into steamed milk, drinkable with an almost syrupy quality. If somehow this potent refreshment isn't luxurious enough for you, try melting a stick of that pig candy into your cup. Mmm...bacon hot chocolate.

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In the Kitchen and on the Road with Dorie

Old Fashioned Candy, New-Fashioned Chocolates, a Little Cheese and Lots of Memories

"After buying salted licorice and licorice rolls and contemplating some of Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy’s replacement (something oddly called French taffy), Kerrin and walked across the street to the Essex Street Market, where our first stop was Roni-Sue’s Chocolates. Here’s the charming Roni-Sue helping Kerrin decide what to buy. 

In the end we split ‘a nickel bag’ (that’s what it’s called) of Bacon Buttercrunch and we each bought a box of chocolates. And again, I thought of my mom. She always said that the only candy she liked was ‘junk’ candy, but I had a feeling she’d have loved one of Roni-Sue’s truffles, the one called Black-Out Cake and fashioned after the icon of the old Ebinger’s Bakery."

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Kathy Yl Chan Blog!

Week In Review. I. Package From Kat! II. City Harvest: Bid Against Hunger III. Kambi, Chickalicious, and Sundaes & Cones

"Tuesday night I was at City Harvest's Bid Against Hunger event, fawning over Eric Kleinman's (Bar Milano) housemade rabbit terrine and the foie torchon with duck prosciutto from Hudson Valley Foie Gras. A good majority of the desserts at the events were repeats from the SWEET festival a few weeks ago. Much to my delight, Francois Payard brought back his hot and cold pina colada (which I covered in more detail for Serious Eats' SWEET festival write up). Ron Ben-Israel was present with the same two cakes from SWEET, the chocolate stout cake with malt buttercream and a lemon cake with Grand Marnier, cranberry buttercream, and lime zest. Following suit, The Modern did a repeat with the Coconut Chocolate Demeux. Il Laboratorio del Gelato had little gelato bites flavours of dark chocolate and peanut butter flicker in my memory. Billy's Bakery arrived with plenty of cupcakes on hand, and so was Roni-Sue with truffles, honey-tea lollipops, and that crazy, crazy delicious buttercrunch of hers."

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