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148 Forsyth Street
New York, NY, 10002
United States




Where it all Comes From

Learn the provenance of our products and discover new and amazing food producers! 


Maya Mountain Cacao

Based in Southern Belize, this network of cacao farmers works together to ferment and dry the best cacao in the region. In a better than direct-trade model, local farmers sell their ‘wet seed’ cacao fruit to our partners at Maya Mountain Cacao where the beans are fermented and dried under controlled conditions, resulting in a superior product and eliminating the risk of crop loss for farmers, as well as giving them greater opportunity to support their families.

Thanks to all the supporters of MMC's Kickstarter Project that helped raise over 200% of the original goal!

Moho chocolate

This is where we source most of our chocolate that we use in our products! One of the only bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Belize, Moho has quickly earned a reputation for quality chocolate and amazing flavor profiles.

If you want to learn more about the bean to bar process take one of our classes!


oak grove plantation

Just across the Hudson we find seasonal fare from our friends at the Oak Grove Plantation. Always natural, always fresh, always delicious. 

Martin's Pretzels

A local New York favorite that can be found at green markets all around the city. Pennsylvania Dutch style hand made pretzels, the perfect compliment to our chocolate. 

Trust Us

Brooklyn Brewery

Across the East River is where we get the beer that so perfectly compliments our treats! Brooklyn Brewery is an amazing achievement of independent business and we are proud to support them.

Hudson Valley Fresh

You can't have chocolate without dairy! 

Wilderness Family Naturals

A wonderful source for natural ingredients! 

Porto Rico Importing Co.

We serve their coffee and teas in our cafe and use their products to create wonderful coffee and chocolate confections!

Heritage Meat Shop

We go through a lot of bacon...


One of the most valuable resources in all of NYC for fine and specialty foods.

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Amazing purveyors of pecans. 




Coffee Extract